My Goal:
To provide the most value from a single data set while decreasing cost throughout the life of your campaign to ensure effective media saturation, with timely additions and upgrades, increasing the return on your initial investment.

About the Artist

​He is an interdisciplinary production artist with a current focus on game environment modeling, lighting texturing, surfacing, and prep in UE4 or Unity.

 Nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in a Craft: Graphic and Artistic design in 2006 for his work on "Wild West Tech" for the History Channel.


 Over twelve years of production experience in 3D and compositing for film commercials and television, and also fluent in After Effects and Photoshop. He loves learning new programs, its a lot like playing a new video game, you just have to learn the buttons.


Also, he enjoys keeping current with industry trends, scripts, rigs, and plug-ins. He is a big believer in "Sharing the Knowledge".  


Thank you for reading, and I hope we get to work together soon.



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